It’s arrived!

This is all turning out a bit back to front. I wanted to get  the background story completed before the Vantage Lite arrived, so that this first post would make sense and be presented in context. Work and deadlines have conspired against me and this hasn’t happened. The background story will be written and as soon as it is you’ll be able to see how and why we ended up with a Vantage Lite. For now it’s enough to say that we really are incredibly grateful.

It arrived on Thursday evening, but Archie was at respite so first clapped eyes on it on Friday. I didn’t get the actual moment he first saw it on video as he was naked at the time – school clothes are removed as soon as he sets foot through the door. It was ever thus. On seeing it he immediately said ‘mmba’ (talker) and grinned. I got him changed and then had another introduction.

As can be seen it didn’t take Archie long to start using it. We’re having a gentle reintroduction. It’s a little different than the one he had on trial as it has a larger vocabulary. The one he used in the trial had sixty squares, this has the maximum 84 so he needs to re-learn a few sequences. He used it this weekend to direct me in the car (which, incidentally,  landed me in a terrible mess reversing backwards up a very steep single lane track) and to order ice cream from his favourite cafe.

A training session has been booked for the end of the month and at that stage it will start going everywhere with him.

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