It is fair to say that Archie has some gaps in his vocabulary. I asked him to show me his elbows the other day and he pointed to his nipples (?!).  But one of the best things about having the talker is that even in these early days we’re beginning to see how he understands language and can use it appropriately. I hope that use will really improve his vocabulary as well, it’s very hard to learn a language when you are forced to be a passive recipient.

Last week we were driving to the beach and Archie did his usual trick of trying to direct me down a tiny country lane. Even by Devon standards this lane was small and I refused. He immediately quipped ‘later’ on the talker. A couple of days (later) I had a note in the home school diary saying he was using the word a lot there. Anyone working in autism will understand that generalisation is a big thing and I allowed myself a smile that school were as amused by his use of the word as I had been. Onwards and upwards.

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