A success story

I forgot to mention that Liberator who produce the talker have included Archie as a success story on their website. My first thought was that it seems pretty early to be describing Archie’s talker use as a success given that he’s only had the device for weeks.  After reflecting a little it occurred to me how far he’s come since starting his trial in August. In the first session we were excited by a request for sweets of a particular colour. Now he uses it to talk about trips to Ireland, the colour of various cars, to tell me he wants to go surfing and when, to tell me how his day at school has been and that he’s been silly. He directs me left and right in the car, and tells me to stop when I’m faffing around in car parks.  He’s putting words together and beginning to use verbs. He has his voice. So yes already a success and we’re expecting many more this year.

I usually get left to carry it on the beach; it gets in the way of bouncing.

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