Missing words

A number of friends have asked me how easy it is to add words to the talker, or change existing words. It’s actually really very easy and earlier today I attempted to get Joseph, Archie’s middle brother to video me adding ‘stoked’ to the talker. We’re going surfing tomorrow so it seemed a good word to add and a good time to add it. It appears however, that Joe is a better actor than he is cameraman (he hasn’t quite mastered the art of staying silent whilst filming) so that particular clip needs a bit of editing. Another time.

Instead tonight here’s a short clip showing Archie’s work around for a missing-from-the-talker word. We spent quite a bit of time today doing what I call mapping and chatting. So Archie wanders around google maps and points out whatever interests him and we chat about it. Often these are small details such as a lamppost that has changed since the google maps car drove past, or a garage door that has changed colour, or some tiny change that I would never notice. In this clip he’s showing me where some traffic lights have now been installed, but I haven’t added ‘traffic lights’ to the talker yet. He uses a clever (if a little long winded) work around.

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