Convertible please

Before Google maps Archie loved YouTube. He used to watch a lot of videos of cars driving down motorways, and across bridges and trains leaving stations. He was able to navigate using search results providing we used the same starting screen each time.

Archie also loves cars, and particularly convertibles. He loves things that open and close so an automated convertible is truly a thing of beauty to him. A couple of weeks ago Nikki, Archie’s speech and language therapist showed him some videos of convertibles on YouTube. This was fairly disastrous for speech therapy as he was lost of the rest of the session watching video after video of convertibles with their roof up, no down, no up.

Having watched the above video, and believe me, Archie has; a lot; I can sort of see the attraction. Maybe.

Anyway Archie hasn’t really watched them for a while although I suspect he might have been thinking about them because as soon as he heard that tonight’s speech therapy session was cancelled (get well soon Nikki), he appeared, talker in hand and asked for ‘car open’. Unprompted and a first. My Safari history suggests that rather a lot of cars were watched….

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