A slightly longer video than the ones I usually post. A three minute snapshot from a chat we were having earlier today. There is building work going on at Downham House. Archie knows every last detail of what is being built where because he appears to have studied the plans which are displayed on the wall. The only problem is he wants it built tomorrow. Or by next week at the latest.

So in this video we’re talking about the building works and Archie gets a little loud. This week he has been responding really well to the suggestion, via the talker that he needs to be ‘quiet’. In this clip he takes on board finding ‘quiet’ himself. And he does become quieter.

I have been reflecting this week on how much vocabulary the talker has allowed Archie to access and share. A few days ago our computer started playing up. Archie shouted a bit then went to bed. He appeared an hour later, grabbed the talker from the charger and said ‘new computer’. Now prior to the talker he could have made me understand ‘computer’ by pointing at it while saying ‘deedan’, but he couldn’t have communicated ‘new’. It wasn’t a word I knew he understood to be honest. With the simple two word sentence – ‘new computer’ we were able to chat about what was going to happen. I explained that it would be ‘fixed’ – I think this was a new bit of vocab for him, and five minutes later he went to bed.

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