I have mentioned  before that Archie has been teaching himself new vocabulary. It’s not unusual for him to sit down quietly with the talker and methodically explore buttons, and he’ll quite often take the vocabulary he discovers in these sessions and use it at a later date.

I took a couple of videos of him exploring tonight. In the first one he intersperses exploring the talker with responding to me. In the second, after exploring for a while, he asks me to find him a specific word – and once again Icon Tutor comes in handy.

5 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. realy interesting watching archiw exploring,,,matthew is now tolerating vocab bulider off, for a few days now (previously kept putting it on) so im realy hoping he will start exploring soon,,,

    • Fingers crossed! It took Archie a while to get going with exploring, I think he might have had the device for a few months before he even started having a bash. I find it interesting that he’s so focussed while he does it – it’s not always that easy for him to focus.

      • I think the real learning will happen if and when we get one to keep,,4 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things, it is reassuring though to hear it took Archie a few months, thank you. And yes great to see the focus as I’m sure like Matthew, Archie usually has blurred edges lol,,Matthew amazed us like that when he 1 St discovered YouTube sitting with his tablet for hours ,,and sitting still !! Lol

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