I remember being a teenager and fighting with my parents for control of the car radio during long journeys. They always wanted to listen to Radio 4 while I, predictably, wanted Radio 1.  Eventually in 1983 or 1984 they were able to shut me up with a Walkman.

Archie doesn’t have this problem. He’s started demanding ‘music’ via the talker whenever there’s too much talking on the radio. And of course if he asks for something using the Vantage Lite, then he’s pretty likely to get it if we’re able to oblige.

Luckily we have similar tastes in music (not very Radio 1 anymore). At the moment he’s happy to listen to to local boy Cosmo Jarvis, best known for his Gay Pirates.

3 thoughts on “Music

    • My 7 year old likes to sing along, so I have to sing a made up version very loudly over some of the lyrics when he’s in the car. Mind you he likes Morrissey/Smiths as well and I have to do the same with a lot of those tracks! The Ukrainians helped me out there by releasing an album of Smiths songs in Ukrainian. He can sing any lyrics he likes in Ukrainian.

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