Funny…… NOT

This week Archie has been mainly sounding like someone from Wayne’s World and has been busy telling me what he’s not doing.

His sentence construction is slightly back to front so we’ve had ‘chip shop not‘ ‘tomorrow Granddad black car not‘ ‘hotel not‘ (I think this was very wishful thinking on his part – Archie loves hotels) and ‘Archie Daddy car not‘. These descriptions of what he’s not doing have been pretty constant throughout the week. By which I mean all day every day. It’s been an interesting insight into what he would rather like to be doing. (Mainly it appears traveling in anyone’s car except mine).

However, Archie has also used the construction in slightly more complex ways. For example when talking about one of the surf coaches ‘Harry car not bike‘ (Harry doesn’t drive a car he has a motorbike) . I think my favourite came this afternoon. On the way back from surfing Archie was messing around trying to get me to tell him off for wriggling under his seatbelt. I obliged by telling him to behave and he immediately replied ‘funny not HA HA HA’ (yes the talker really does say HA HA HA). What’s that about people with autism not having a sense of humour?

Archie had a good surf session today, the waves were pretty big ‘surfing good‘. I do not have any photos from today but last night I put together a video from the session mentioned in this post. Archie looks fed up with the lack of swell, but he was pretty chilled and everyone else appears to be having a good time.

The music is by Ruth Stavrik from her forthcoming album.

3 thoughts on “Funny…… NOT

  1. He wants me to add ‘naughty’ to the talker – I can see what’s coming. ‘naughty not ha ha ha’. For the moment he’s having to make do with ‘silly’ (which he thinks is very funny).

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