Talking to himself


I’ve written on here before about Archie exploring his talker but in the last week or so this has expanded into him using the talker to talk to himself.

Archie’s talker is with him pretty much all the time at the moment. Where he goes his talker goes. Until bedtime, when he plugs it in to charge up overnight. So if he’s sat on the computer the talker is next to him, if he comes to find me the talker is with him, if he goes to the beach the talker comes too.

In the last week I’ve noticed that when he’s watching video on YouTube he comments to himself using the talker. “Brake up stop brake down drive”. “Down go”. “Joystick” (he means a gearstick, I need to add that). I know from listening, before I walk into the room that he’s watching salesman tours of cars. (Often in Russian).

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