Archie is very good at spotting details. He’s been known to show me lampposts on google maps that have changed, and random front doors that have been painted. So it didn’t take him long to spot the broken window catch when he arrived home from respite.

I should probably have cleaned it before photographing. Anyway in the past this would have resulted in us being grabbed, the window pointed to and Archie saying ‘nanee’ whilst signing (sort of) ‘broken’. Nanee being broken I assume.

With the talker we got a bit more:

key open window not followed  by new key. I’m not sure what the ‘ases’ refers to. Maybe how he feels about it.

4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Whewwwwww!!!!
    When I saw the Heading: “Broken”, my heart sank! I thought it was referring to Archie’s device!!! that’s a relief and a half (o: now I’ll go watch your clip…

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