The last post sort of links to this, but I didn’t want to combine the two as this is a step away from autism.

Archie’s memory is extraordinary. I have posted video about this before. Today I was talking to a friend about dementia, in somewhat simplistic terms the opposite of Archie’s memory. In both cases I suppose the memory isn’t functional as such. Archie’s inability to forget has been known to cause us problems. He became very upset for example on the anniversary of our trip to Ireland and watch out anyone who visits us after a three year gap in a different car. Memory it seems is something perhaps we don’t notice until it doesn’t function in quite the way we want.

My friend reminded me that she had made a short film about memory loss with the wonderful Maxine Peake. It’s not autism, but this film is beautifully shot and worth a watch when you have a spare five minutes so it’s sneaked its way onto the blog. I’m not sure that ‘enjoy’ is quite the right word, ‘admire’ perhaps.

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