I don’t have much to say about this post really. Archie wandered over for a chat while I was working on the laptop and it seemed an opportune moment to switch on PhotoBooth and record the conversation. I think it shows how easy chatting with him is with him now.

He’s been doing a lot of cooking at school recently (they use it as an opportunity to do extra work with the talker) and has been coming home with delicious looking scones and quiches. I don’t always get to eat them (Archie often eats the lot, or if I forget it’s a cooking day Mad Dog opens Archie’s school bag with his nose and helps himself).

1 thought on “Recipes

  1. Hello, I really enjoy reading your blog. The things that people struggle with the most are those basic daily activities. I found out about these magnetic pictograms which have helped to reinforce those daily tasks and develop important life skills whilst still having fun!

    I also now put this star chart on my fridge so all the kids know when they have done a good job!

    Enjoy, and good luck!!

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