Surf Relief Movie

This is such a fabulous short movie, filmed during one of the Downham House surf sessions with Discovery Surf School. The star of the show has to be Izaac and it’s just lovely to hear the surf coaches  talk so warmly about taking our kids surfing.

I was interviewed, but look like I’ve been electrocuted. I have a new handy tip  for life – never stand in front of a camera when you have been dunked in the sea and left your hairbrush at home. I also appear to be talking about an empty seat; I had a plan to get Archie to say I like big waves using his talker, but he spotted Jon eating a pasty and ran off to try and steal it. Archie is to be seen skulking around in the background of the film, looking a bit fed up with the lack of swell. He’ll be happier this weekend – Downham House have another session booked with Discovery, with decent waves forecast.

As always massive thanks to everyone at Discovery.

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