It has been a successful couple of days here. Particularly for middle son, he found out today that he’s passed his eleven plus and that he was successful in an audition that he thought he’d messed up. Not wanting to miss an opportunity I quickly asked him to pick some lottery numbers. We had a celebratory take away pizza and watched Strictly followed by the new series of Merlin. We know how to party on in this house.

It was a good day for Archie yesterday as well. He arrived home from school with the Star of the Week certificate. These were introduced last year and are given out weekly (the clue’s in the name I guess) – one for each class – the certificates celebrate a wide range of achievements. Sometimes the list of successes in the newsletter can bring me close to tears as they  can capture the very real challenges faced by the children at his school. Archie’s was for ‘excellent helping/doing jobs’.

Archie has been Star of the Week a few times now but has never really shown that much interest. Yesterday was different, I did my usual congratulations and cheers and he became really embarrassed, hiding his face but looking quietly pleased with himself. Later, when Richard arrived home, he used the talker to tell Richard; weak star weak week! Notice how he’s been exploring different ways of producing the word week/weak.

I’m sorry my phone camera is really rubbish.

We surf tomorrow.  The forecast is looking great! The luck continues….

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