This was taken a few minutes ago. It shows that Archie is very aware of what everyone else is up to in the family. I hadn’t told him Joseph and Louis were at chess, he’d just remembered that was a Monday after school activity.

2 thoughts on “Chess

  1. HI — I found your blog on Mumsnet. I wanted to know when Archie began using his Vantage and how you found learning the unity system (which I think is the same as LAMP)? It’s great to see the ease with which he’s communicating here. Thanks!

    • Hi the blog starts with Archie receiving the Vantage Lite, so he’s had it since November 2011. He’s using unity with LAMP. So unity is the language, LAMP the process by which he uses the language if that makes sense.

      I our case it’s been very easy, he has been so motivated that he has taught himself. He (and we) had some initial training, the ‘about’ and ‘LAMP’ sections on the blog show some of those sessions, but once he’d learned the basics he taught himself the rest. So for example there’s some video on the blog showing him exploring the talker, finding new words. Once he’s found new vocabulary he just starts using it.

      Archie knows his way round unity a lot better than me. I often ask him to show me words I need.

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