Archie’s leisure activities are still fairly limited, although slowly expanding. There’s surfing of course, and dog walking, but he has struggled a little to fill his time at home. Usually he watches YouTube or engages in a bit of googlemapping. Otherwise he tends to watch passing cars out of windows.

It therefore didn’t go down that well yesterday  when the computer crashed and couldn’t be restarted. It needs a trip to the Apple shop. Luckily our ancient iPad is filling in the gap. YouTube with breakfast. Don’t mind if I do.

3 thoughts on “iPad

    • Good point! He used to get very cross because the ‘similar’ results on the iPad are different than on the computer, so he used to find it hard to navigate to a particular video. He’s either found a way around this or isn’t as fussed about what he watches.

  1. matthew would be without his tablet,,you tube fan (old cbeebies shows from years ago) if we let him on the main computer we would never get a look in! ,,

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