School run

Archie’s bus broke down near school today. He finds broken-down buses very difficult to deal with and can quickly become pretty challenging. His lovely teacher was on hand to bring him back to school and then rang me and offered to run him home in her car.

Archie of course loved this, being given a lift home by his teacher and TA in a different car is his idea of heaven. Someone new to instruct in handbrake usage (on every time the car stops please). He’s pretty keen to repeat the experience and soon told me Helga car home tomorrow followed by a reluctant not. He then, hopefully tried his other class teacher and the TA who had accompanied him home. Barbara car tomorrow. Jane car tomorrow. In both cases a not did eventually follow.

The topic of conversation was a revisited a few times and I suspect by the end of school tomorrow his teacher will never want to talk about the trip home again.  I’ve finally entered the 21st Century and bought myself an iPhone which captured the little video below.

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