Sibling communication


Being the sibling of someone with severe autism is supposedly a bit of a mixed bag. Research shows both benefits and potential problems for siblings. Archie’s brothers are younger than him so have always had autism in the family, they’ve never had to adjust and both have grown up very accepting and protective of their brother. The main disadvantages centre around certain activities being difficult for Archie. Trips to the cinema or Pizza Hut tend to take place when Archie is elsewhere for example. In the case of Pizza Hut a reduction in the number of visits might be seen as an advantage by some.

Archie has always rubbed along well enough with his brothers. He was a bit shocked by Joseph’s appearance – probably our fault, we misjudged how much he might understand and so didn’t tell him that much in advance – a baby just appeared. When Louis was born Archie showed a real interest, and didn’t even object when a toddling Louis would make himself comfortable on his lap.

However, in all these years communication has been a bit lacking. Archie tended to communicate mainly with me prior to the arrival of the talker – presumably because I was the person most likely to understand him. But gradually over the last year he has started to talk directly to his brothers a lot. He often asks them to find something for him on Google Maps or YouTube, and in the photos below he’s telling them it’s time for lunch.



bruv4 bruv3


7 thoughts on “Sibling communication

  1. This is just so beautiful, Christianne. The Talker is truly an enormous blessing in ALL of your lives! Syd LOVES to have conversations with her brother now that she can communicate; such an important relationship to have! When she typed to him, “You are dear to me.” we were all brought to tears. Imagine! not being able to share something so precious & important?!! So Happy for Archie. So Happy for You. And so happy for your entire family for this Great Blessing! ❤ Thanks so much for sharing. My heart is warmed.

  2. Love it! I’ve got the same line up – 3 boys and the oldest with autism. Their relationships are tempered by Levi’s sensory/attention seeking pushing, scratching & pinching. The little guys cop in more than they should but they love & adore their big brother. It’s funny to watch them sneak a hug in from behind and their delight when they all join in a mad racing around the house game, giggling their heads off.
    Lovely to see your boys – who are a bit ahead of mine. Have a great Christmas!

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  4. I love how close the boys look in these photos. I’m going to pin this as I know people are looking for information etc on siblings.
    Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.

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