A Good Start

arthur bday2It is Louis’ birthday today so I thought he could provide the photographs today. Google came up trumps and I managed to find some Merlin figures. His grandparents asked me to buy him an Arthur outfit and again google was my friend. He’s been happily playing at knights all day, and we haven’t even had that many dead-Arthur impressions.

In talker-related news we’re off to a good start. Today I was discussing with my Mum and Richard when the 12th night is – for the all important tree-down operation. We couldn’t work out whether the first night is the 25th, or whether you start counting from Boxing day. Anyway, mid discussion Archie appeared Christmas gone Sunday. I told him the Christmas tree is going to come down tomorrow rather than Sunday, a day when he has respite  at Downham House. He listened then said Christmas tree gone Saturday after Downham. It is a small sentence but actually pretty amazing. He understood that the Christmas tree has to come down but more than that, told us he wants to be there to see it come down. Left without instruction from Archie we would probably have taken the tree down while he was at respite which may or may not have caused grief on arrival home. Only the parent of a severely autistic child can truly understand the relief at having probably avoided a meltdown…..

6 thoughts on “A Good Start

  1. Oh, my heart! I love that boy!!! He was able to let you know he wants to be in the thick of it for taking down the tree? That’s huge, Christianne. And only the beginning. Introducing…..(drumroll)…..Archie!!! ❤

    • He has a bit of a thing about watching processes as well. For example a few years ago if he missed something being taken out of the oven it had to go back in and be taken out again…… I love that he listens into conversations now, really love it….

    • One night a week usually, with some extra playschemes in holidays. We are lucky with having such a good service near us, it’s actually pretty rare in the UK. Very much a home from home, and he’s kept busy there- taken out on trips etc.

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