Happy birthday dad

It was Richard’s birthday this week. He’s a nightmare to buy for, all he ever wants is chess books (yawn).  However, he did have a fantastic surprise this year. Staff at Archie’s school turned one of his pieces of artwork into a card. Apparently he did all the work himself, copying from an adult demonstration. A long way from the scribble we had for so many years. I’m pretty impressed with how well he’s written his name as well.

The picture is recognisable I think; Plymouth Hoe – and a fab representation of Smeaton’s Tower (as an aside Archie loves a trip up Smeaton’s Tower but gives me the heebie jeebies when we visit  by pressing flat against the lighthouse glass and leaning over the railings at the top).

cardinside card

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday dad

  1. I love this painting – I knew it was a lighthouse before reading! The colours are fab. Can Archie write his name independently or does he copy? I am despairing of H being able to do anything with a pencil or paint – he is so averse to holding any writing or drawing implement in his hand. Having said that, Ellie has had some success with him drawing lines on the iDraw app, so maybe there’s hope!

    • He can write an A (and he knows how many letters are in his name). It’s slow, but he’s getting there. I think this card must have been copied. BUT he does a lot more writing at school than home, I’m always slightly stunned when I see his school books!

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