Shoe Shopping


Shoe shopping has always been an issue for us. I mentioned it in a  post on a now defunct blog back in 2007, but basically it involved two people, and leaving the other children at home (so more childcare) and ducking and apologising and dragging Archie out of stock rooms. In recent years I’ve grabbed shoes after guessing his size and crammed them into his feet at home.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that he had holes in his school shoes. Partly because he walks slightly unusually now, his feet are flat and he turns them inwards so the insides of shoes wear out quickly. (Please if a physio or podiatrist is reading this and has any ideas, please, please, please comment – it’s all new, he used to have a very high arch). My last attempt at guessing shoe size had been a bit disastrous so I’d already decided to take him with me on the next shop. We were going to do it last weekend but Sunday was not a good day and I felt being around too many people would be pushing it a bit.

But today Archie woke up chilled and I decided to give it a go. Richard wanted me to take Joseph to help out, but he was busy recording videos on Minecraft with some school friends (yawn) so I decided to leave him be and give it a go with Archie by myself. The feral child of a few years ago was nowhere to be seen. Archie walked pretty calmly around the shops, linking arms with me, only made one dash for a changing room, and was happy to amble from shop to shop trying on various shoes. He even walked past lifts without insisting on going in them.  I let him choose his shoes and he went for the Vans above. I don’t think school will mind green shoes for two and half weeks (please don’t) and they’ll do him for the summer.

I don’t want to say we’ve cracked shoe shopping – I am fully aware that next time new shoes are due it could be an unmitigated disaster, but today was a sign of things that might be to come.

3 thoughts on “Shoe Shopping

  1. Fab! As you know, we’ve had mixed shoe shopping experiences, but it’s always great when it goes well. And those are seriously cool shoes! Weird, but Henry’s feet are doing the same thing – rolling inwards. Just about to get him a referral back to Orthopaedics, as one of his feet (the one that had talipes) is looking particularly dodgy.

    • Oh interesting. Archie had springy boingy feet but they’re so flat now & must roll inwards onto the ball of his feet judging by the holes in his shoes. He was never a big one for toe walking so it was a bit of a surprise!

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