What’s it like to have a brother with autism?

This moving video just came up on my Facebook feed. It’s lovely; if you have five minutes (well, six) please watch.

It’s where I’d like Archie to end up with his brothers (or where I’d like them to end up with him maybe), with their own relationships which they value. It is heading in that way; with each year they become closer and do more together – surfing, swimming, computers, music, dog walking, horse riding…. Archie often now seeks out Joseph in particular, to help him with the computer or to have a conversation. And two days ago Louis and Archie were bouncing around on the trampoline together for a good ten minutes having a conversation about handbrakes and giggling together as they did so.

No video yet, but a selection of photos from the last 4 or 5 months or so.

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