Self portraits and familiar places

Time, I thought, to put together a little album of Archie’s photographs. He takes them using his iPad and I think they give an insight into the world through his eyes. 99% of his photos are taken using this weird black and white x-ray Apple special effect.

2 thoughts on “Self portraits and familiar places

  1. Color is just ONE MORE THING that Archie’s brain/sensory system has to process. Sydney LOVES pictures in black and white for that reason. She finds black very calming and wears it a lot – – and even has black sheets for her bed 🙂 She also requested we dye her hair black, and asked for black lipstick, yesterday. Black is king right now! 😉

    • I hadn’t thought of that – I thought it might be the glowy eyes & mouths. But yes he does often like black clothing etc. I think my favourite picture is the one of the shutter blinds – I like the way the light is falling across his face.

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