The Longest Day

We headed up to Dartmoor on Saturday.  A beautiful day for the summer solstice, we thought the beach would be heaving. It was a good choice, Archie was in a (happy) running, shouting, jumping and stamping mood. The beauty of Dartmoor is that you can do as much running, shouting, jumping and stamping as you like without disturbing anyone. Archie was keen to walk, so keen I had problems persuading him to turn around and head for home. I eventually had to coax him with the promise of a strawberry cornetto. On the way back down we passed a horse and having got the jumping and  and stamping  out of this system Archie stood and watched the horse quietly and peacefully for about 5 minutes.

longest day 2longest day 3

Longest day 1


Longest day horse


The view from our picnic spot:

Longest day picnic

The great outdoors

I was asked to write a guest post for Mumsnet yesterday. It was sort of about our time at a Horse Boy camp a number of years ago, and sort of about the positive effects of the great outdoors on Archie.

I am having a hellishly busy week this week, so haven’t had much time to put together a post – so for now I thought I’d add a few recent photos of Archie enjoying outdoors life, our favourite picnic spots etc. I’ll write more on being outdoors after we’ve done our first wild camping trip.

Justice for LB

If you  are looking for something to follow, please consider the #107 days blog. It will make you despair of the slopey shouldered who should be caring about our children with disabilities, but who actually only care about covering their own backsides and climbing the greasy pole. You will shed tears for Connor Sparrowhawk (I have bawled buckets). But you will also be reminded that there is a community out there that cares. A community who will stick together and hold those who wish to slope off to account. And if you have your own little dude you will be reminded that there is a ready-made community out there, who ‘get’ you, who have sat in those meetings and who have had to fight the corner for their own dudes.

Here’s my little dude telling me surfing this Saturday was ‘good’.




Difficult Times

We have had the most dreadful week. As is often the case when dealing with special needs, due to something that should never have happened. One day I’ll write about it.

However, difficult times aside Archie and I headed to the beach on Saturday and found amazing surf. Even in the worst weeks it’s impossible to be unhappy when the surf is this good. Archie headed out the back with Harry where Harry’s friends cheered the pair of them onto waves. A bucketful of stoke later we headed home, singing our hearts out to Priscilla all the way.

Fab surf