#100 Happy Days – Day 5

I feel terrible! I logged onto WordPress (it’s been so long they’ve changed the layout), to write a review of a completely brilliant, life changing, challenging behaviour course I recently took part in, and found that I had completely forgotten about the #100 Happy Days thing. Admittedly it’s been a somewhat challenging few months autism wise (or maybe puberty/teenage hormones wise) but there have been some good days.

I’ve started the review, and will post that today or tomorrow but in the meantime here are two historical happy day photos. Taken on south Dartmoor, on two different days they show the beauty and peace that can be found in this part of the country. I was shown this particular access point to the moor by Hillwise and Archie and I have had a few successful trips up there. I have been on a couple of navigation/hillwalker refresher days recently run by Hillwise and these were organised as 1:1 sessions so we could focus on issues around walking with Archie, and keeping us both safe. They were great fun, although I am somewhat nervous of the night navigation session I have signed myself up for later this month….

ivy 2 ivy1

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