The Longest Day

We headed up to Dartmoor on Saturday.  A beautiful day for the summer solstice, we thought the beach would be heaving. It was a good choice, Archie was in a (happy) running, shouting, jumping and stamping mood. The beauty of Dartmoor is that you can do as much running, shouting, jumping and stamping as you like without disturbing anyone. Archie was keen to walk, so keen I had problems persuading him to turn around and head for home. I eventually had to coax him with the promise of a strawberry cornetto. On the way back down we passed a horse and having got the jumping and  and stamping  out of this system Archie stood and watched the horse quietly and peacefully for about 5 minutes.

longest day 2longest day 3

Longest day 1


Longest day horse


The view from our picnic spot:

Longest day picnic