Favourite moments

I put quite a lot of thought into our trip out on Friday. Louis wanted to see the statue of Brunel, and Archie loves the Tamar Bridge. The dog needed walking and a walk across the bridge and back with the dog, taking in the statue seemed to a good way of keeping everyone happy. We scored a bit of a jackpot as well when a train made its way across the Brunel bridge. We even spent time underneath the bridge checking out the structure. A  favourite activity for Archie.

I was genuinely interested therefore when I asked Archie what his favourite bit of the day had been. His reply? Chips. Yep, after the walk, we’d driven (at Archie’s request) over the bridge to Burger King and this was the favourite part of the day. Chips.

The talker did come into its own at Burger King. That particular branch wins the prize for the slowest service in a Burger King anywhere in the UK. In the past this wait would have led to a very noisy reaction and probably some full on on the floor meltdown action. On Friday however Archie sat with his brothers and waited. He shouted out occasionally but on the whole was happy to make his point by saying cheeseburger cheeseburger cheeseburger. Apparently it was worth the wait.

6 thoughts on “Favourite moments

  1. I wonder if Burger King was Archie’s favorite part of the day because it was the part HE chose himself? Syd loves to sit down and “Plan Our Day” on computer typing out what she wants to accomplish that day…alonside the list of to-dos I type out for myself. We both enjoy crossing them off the list as we get them done!
    Thanks for yet another uplifting “story” – love these posts!!!

    • I think he just likes food to be honest! Honestly I have never seen anyone eat as much. He spent about 5 years eating pretty much nothing (I think I counted 5 items of food that he would eat, and that didn’t include any meat, fish, fruit or veg – or chips come to that!). His lovely school sorted out his eating problems and now he really enjoys food. He was a bit annoyed by the curry we had tonight and has requested a roast chicken next Sunday. Roast it will be.

  2. Ha ha – we managed to do a bit of smash and grab shopping in Wells on Saturday by promising chips afterwards. Meant we had to put up with ‘Donalds….Donalds…Donalds…Donalds’ at 15 second intervals, but we got it done.

  3. Hello! I am conscious that it is almost exactly a year since we made contact via JR from MN, and just wanted to let you know that I read your blog with intense interest. It is a joy to see and understand Archie better. Thank you for taking the time to write.

    • Ah yes I am planning a review of the year on or around the anniversary 🙂 I was discussing with my helpers this half term the massive difference a year has made (they have worked with him for 18 months/2.5 years so in a good place to see the changes). I can’t imagine where we’ll be next year.

      We are very very grateful. It has changed his life. xx

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