close beach


Just a quick post today. I headed to the beach to meet a friend staying in Bigbury on holiday. After lunch Archie and I did the usual dog walk – easy today because the tide was out. We walked around the corner and along the river, where, Archie sat down. This doesn’t sound like much, but Archie never sits down at the beach. Usually we walk, surf, do whatever we came to do, eat, then leave. Sitting and admiring the view isn’t part of the plan. I was delighted, he looked very content sat watching the river running some sand through his fingers occasionally. I’m hoping now that it wasn’t a one off.

distant beach

2 thoughts on “Chilling

  1. We usually only get sitting when accompanied by eating, although we do get standing at the very edge of the sea staring contemplatively (is that even a word?), which isn’t quite as restful for the person who has to make sure he doesn’t fall in…

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