A few days in….

I haven’t had a chance to video this week but we’re really pleased with how things are going. The training will take place in a couple of weeks time and until then I’m finding the words I can! Archie is very motivated and only really needs to be shown once or twice where a word is before he starts using it.

One reason why I liked the Vantage Lite is because it’s so quick to put sentences together. You’re not constantly forced to navigate between different category screens and so finding each word is fast. Archie is now putting three words together such as ‘eat pancakes green’ (translation – eat pancakes on green day i.e. Thursday).  I’m sure he would use Thursday or day but I can’t find them on the device. Roll on the training day! Putting this number of words together has been impossible for him up until now, so it’s really a major step forwards.


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