Battery life


The Vantage Lite has a little battery indicator panel on it, you can see it fully charged in the photo above. When Archie first received his device we needed to charge it up overnight every two or three days. This summer holiday he has started using it so much it needs charging every night.

The talker is becoming a bit of an extension of Archie. I find myself saying ‘Archie said’ a lot, and then having to correct the misunderstanding when someone says ‘wow his speech has really come on’.  He looks for talker constantly and carries it from room to room with him now. This is very different from previous communication systems and the PECS book that often stayed at the bottom of the bag.  Today he’s been telling me that losing his temper is ‘not good’ and ‘funny not’ and nice not’. We need to work a bit on word order……

Pretty much the only place he doesn’t take it is on a surfboard.

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